Photo-Tent Workshop

Photo-Tent Workshop, Feburary 10th

Kiran Malladi (Product Design 2011) led a workshop on photo-tent construction in the concept-car space, building 550.  Photo-tents are a tool to create a flat, bright backdrop for physical objects you design.  Especially useful if you’re interested in isolating the object’s image and laying it over a digital background.  Product designers: this one’s for you.

The materials weren’t perfect for our blueprints, so Kiran and the group worked together to redesign the tents in a way that economized on the number of fittings. Then we distributed the materials, put basic instructions up on the whiteboard, and broke off in groups of two or more to help one another each build our own photo tent.

Some exciting extensions emerged, of a design we had already innovated. Don’t be afraid to reverse engineer, and then forward engineer, from the photos below. It really is just paper, pvc pipe, fittings, and a few desk lamps, but oh the things you can do with a good backdrop!

Design Initiative Workshops are Thursdays at 8 PM, succeeding a social at 7:30, typically in Bldg 550.  Contact Tito Balsamo if you have an idea for a workshop and/or would like to help organize one.