Papier-Mache Workshop!

Papier-Mache Workshop, October 11th

Last Thursday, Lilly Shi (2014) led a messy (but super duper) workshop on making some very cool papier-mâché lanterns. Papier-mâché projects typically consist of any composite material (usually paper) bound with some sort of adhesive. Working in pairs, workshoppers dipped yarn (in any colors of their choosing) into a gooey mixture of cornstarch and Elmer’s glue, wrapping the yarn around Vaseline covered balloons to give the lanterns their round shape. The process proved to be bit tricky at first and resulted in many crusty, glue covered hands, but the hands on fun and ultimate results were certainly worth it. There were various different lanterns—different concentrations of string, different sizes, different colors—some people even used multiple colors of string which turned out pretty awesomely. Attendees left (clean handed) with their finished balloons in plastic bags—once dry, the balloons could be popped, leaving behind the hard shell of the lantern.