Joining the Initiative

The Stanford Design Initiative is all about giving users what they want, and lately, our users have been students. We’re putting on weekly design-skill workshops and growing a design community. It’s an exciting time to be a Stanford student — if you choose to, you can become a Stanford Designer.

If you want to join Stanford’s design student group, we’d love to chat during one of our workshops or events. We promise we’re a fun first date:

Joining the Initiative

So you came to a workshop or participated in one of our events. You’re convinced: you want to join the Initiative.  As a member, you’ll get to:

  • design and run a workshop
  • help organize our events, such as the Mentorship program or portfolio review sessions
  • join us for company tours
  • learn from (and teach with) the best designers on campus

We have applications out at the beginning of fall quarter, and potentially spring quarter. Subscribe to our mailing lists (designkids and sdi-announce), and look out for those announcements!


If you want to run a workshop yourself, we have a quick form you can fill out so we can get the ball rolling.  The workshops can be on a variety of topics from Photoshop to arduino.  Their purpose is to introduce students to various aspects of design and if you’re passionate about a particular topic, by all means go ahead and fill it out.

the design initiative supports Stanford's design community with weekly skill workshops, quarterly tours, and a healthy dose of design-thinking culture.