Illustrator Workshop, February 18th

Illustrator Workshop, February 18th

Brie Bunge (Computer Science 2013) led a workshop on Adobe Illustrator last friday at the EMA. Illustrator is a vector graphics editor. Unlike bitmap/raster images, vector graphics are represented as a collection of points & relations between them, not as a collection of pixels. This opens up a world of editing possibilities, and means that vector graphics are infinitely scalable. No jaggies!

But breaking into making vector graphics can be a little challenging. Illustrator has a lot of very powerful tools, but they’re no use to you if you don’t know what they do, (a caveat to any UI designer.) Which is why a workshop was in order! Those with absolutely no experience were able to get off the ground with vectors, and for those with experienced, she was able to illuminate some of the more occult, (but very very useful) menu functions and icons.

Brie lead us through a tutorial, which can be found at the end of this post, on making an armed-posse of vector ninja.  Many of the workshop’s files can be seen in the above gallery.  If you look you can see a lot of variations that got passed around the room, and independent experimentation with new tools at our disposal.  Tools highlighted in the tutorial include:

  • pen tool
  • shape tool
  • appearance panel
  • levels and transparency
  • hot keys/hidden keyboard functions (like to manipulate the star tool)
  • blend function (we used it with shapes and splines, read the tutorial below to learn more)

Design Initiative Workshops are usually Thursdays at 8 PM, succeeding a social at 7:30, usually in Bldg 550.  Contact Tito Balsamo if you have an idea for a workshop and/or would like to help organize one.  Join designkids to recieve emails about these and other design-related events.

Illustrator Ninja Tutorial