February 10th: Emotional Design Workshop

Emotional Design Workshop, February 10th

Last thursday, our Stanford Design Initiative once again had a rockstar guest for our workshop–Enrique Allen.

Enrique is Founder of the Designer’s fund. He’s also advisor for 500 Startups and instructor at d.school and Persuasive Technology Lab.

Enrique started the talk by let everybody around the room wave.  Enrique showed his idea about how good modern design should have “Form follows emotions”.  The talk was full of interesting successful emotion design examples.  We believe that the audience would get inspired from Enrique and put “emotion” into consideration in their next design works!

Lastly, big thanks to Enrique for having this wonderful workshop.

If you’re interested in Stanford Design Initiative’s workshop – follow us our designkids mailing list or like our fan page.  For this week, we are having “Adobe Illustrator Techniques” workshop by Brandon Ly, location: TBD.