Vision Earth Prototypes

Vision eARTh prototypes a party, January 30th

In the unfolding story of our collaboration with the Vision eARTh festival team, we ended our last meeting with them hyped to host a design thinking event at their festival (more on that later!) and also excited to teach the festival team our design thinking ways so they could apply the process to redesigning the arts party and festival experience.

A team of Design Initiative ninjas (shout out to Rob Ryan ’11, Mattias Lanas ’11, Shuqiao Song ’11, Ariana Koblitz ’12, Kingston Tam ’13, Nishant Jacob ’13, and Michelle Lee ’14) came together and coached the festival team through a two hour d.thinking bootcamp.  

We led them through an entire iteration of the process through short lectures followed a frenzy of activities that ended in prototyping their ideas for a redesign of the arts party experience.

I won’t reveal too many of their surprises, but look forward to a giant suspended globe and lots of fun interactive art installations at the party!

Also special thanks to the d.leadership teaching staff especially Thomas Both, our group advisor Bill Burnett, and Isabel O’Meara for helping us put together lecture materials for the workshop.