Bottle Lights Workshop, January 20th

Bottle Lights Workshop, January 20th

Thursday, Clare Bennet lead the Design Initiative and friends in a workshop on intro-level electronics in the EMA laboratory, located in Cummings Art Building. Participants were guided through the process of converting glass bottles into lights. Special thanks to Tito Balsamo for securing all the necessary tools and materials. If you did not attend the workshop but would like to make a bottle light anyways, the following instructions should get you started.
Bottle Lights Workshop

Materials: LEDs, battery holder, 2 triple-A batteries, wire, button (switch), bottle, electrical tape, solder

Tools: wire-strippers, wire-cutters, soldering iron, clamps

Design your circuits according to the diagram below.  Use the slack wire to affect how the lights dangle into the mouth of the bottle.  We suggest you allow easy access to both the battery pack and the button in the final design.  Start with a working circuit and then extend it to your heart’s content.  We did not discover the maximum sustainable number of leds.  Hint: leds are directional, i.e. it matters which of the two wires goes where.

Once your circuit is complete, use clamps to hold the joints in place, and the solder and soldering iron to fuse them.  Be careful with the soldering iron!  Do not touch it anywhere but the handle, even if the iron has been turned off for some time.

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Design Initiative Workshops are Thursdays at 8 PM, succeeding a social at 7:30, typically in Bldg 550.  Contact Tito Balsamo if you have an idea for a workshop and/or would like to help organize one.