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The Crucible Field Trip, April 19th

About The Crucible:

The Crucible is a non-profit arts education organization in Oakland, California. Since 2003, The Crucible, has trained thousands of people in the industrial arts, fostering a collaboration of arts, industry, and community in the Bay Area. In 2012 alone, The Crucible offered 400 evening and weekend workshops to 5000 youth and adult students in areas such as welding. torch cutting, woodworking, jewelry making, and fire dancing.

About the trip:

On April 19th, SDI made a trip to The Crucible for a taste of blacksmithing and MIG welding. A group of 9 core team members split into two groups. The first learned the basics of blacksmithing under the tutelage of Carla Hall, The Crucible’s Youth Program Director and an accomplished blacksmith. Amidst the roar of the furnace, students learned several basic blacksmithing techniques: forging, drawing, and bending. After hours of hammering and heating, the team came away with five steel clothes hooks.

In the welding room, the second group learned how to operate a plasma cutter and welding gun under the guidance of Michael Sturtz, founder of The Crucible and Redesigning Theater at Stanford. Sparks flew and electric arcs illuminated the room as the team cut and welded a new SDI sign.

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