Design Thinking Workshop, February 12th

Stanford Design Initiative hosted one of its featured event: Design Thinking Workshop on Feb.12th at the Atrium.

Design Thinking is a creative process formalized by the and used to wicked solve problems by innovative companies and experts all around the world. The workshop aims to give people a hands-on experience with design thinking.

The workshop started with a game “roshambo tournament” to get people energetic and eager to jump into intensive brainstorming. Then Angad Singh, the workshop host, conducted the 2-hour long workshop by letting people go through drawing, interivew partner, reframe problem, ideate, iterate, build and test, a process of design thinking around the problem of “re-design the wallet”. People built various interesting wallet prototypes within 2 hours. The workshop ended by reflecting the design thinking process in groups.

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Illustrator Design Skills Workshop

Adobe Illustrator Workshop by Brandon Ly 2/16

This week, Brandon Kit Ly (2014) gave an awesome workshop on Adobe Illustrator. He started off with a typography lesson which included how to format the text, use custom fonts, and wrap paragraphs of text. He pulled up the branding 10000 lakes project as an example of what illustrator can accomplish. We dove in further by creating circular and square shapes which we colored with fills and gradients. Brandon then taught us compound path effects which allowed us to combine and punch out new shapes. To introduce the pen tool, he pulled up a picture of a shark from Google and then showed how with anchor points and curves you can outline the shark and turn it into a vector. We then spent some time playing around with the pen tool and making our own shark themed creations. Next he showed us how to make really awesome 3D perspective effects using theperspective grid. He finished up the talk by showing how to do calligraphic effects using the width tool.

February 10th: Emotional Design Workshop

Emotional Design Workshop, February 10th

Last thursday, our Stanford Design Initiative once again had a rockstar guest for our workshop–Enrique Allen.

Enrique is Founder of the Designer’s fund. He’s also advisor for 500 Startups and instructor at and Persuasive Technology Lab.

Enrique started the talk by let everybody around the room wave.  Enrique showed his idea about how good modern design should have “Form follows emotions”.  The talk was full of interesting successful emotion design examples.  We believe that the audience would get inspired from Enrique and put “emotion” into consideration in their next design works!

Lastly, big thanks to Enrique for having this wonderful workshop.

If you’re interested in Stanford Design Initiative’s workshop – follow us our designkids mailing list or like our fan page.  For this week, we are having “Adobe Illustrator Techniques” workshop by Brandon Ly, location: TBD.